Alkaline cleaning uses a high-pH solution to chemically strip grease and oil from the surface of the parts​ for maximum coating adhesion

Allegheny Coatings ​offers preconditioning services such as alkaline cleaning to ensure suitable processing for parts arriving with machining oils or production grease still covering the surface. The multi-station washing procedure used ensures a pristine part surface for optimal coating adhesion after application. 

Alkaline cleaner processing is available at the Ridgway, PA and Fremont, IN facilities

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Eastern USA

224 River Road

Ridgway, PA 15853

Office: 814-772-3850

Midwest USA

302 McSwain Drive

Fremont, IN 46737

Office: 260-495-4445

Quality System Certifications:

AC-Ridgway ISO 9001:2015

AC-Fremont ISO 9001:2015

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