Whether it is the automobile industry, construction, agriculture, green energy, or mining, Dörken MKS has a coating solution. With its innovative coating technologies and sector-​specific know-​how, Dörken offers ideal solutions for every purpose. 

Dörken has been continuously improving its base coat technologies for 30+ years, adapting to specific customer requirements and changing market situations. It has a library of technologies for scratch resistance, media resistance, and weathering resistance.

Dörken coating systems are featured in all major automotive specifications of German and international OEMs in addition to wind power, construction, and truck markets.

Dörken Technologies


Original base coat product developed in 1984, this solvent-based system was developed specifically for springs, clips and stamped parts but has proven to be a suitable coating for many other applications. 


This base coat solvent based product ​family is comprised of KL 100, KL 105, KL 120 & KL 130, and provides various coating characteristics such as integrated lubricants to eliminate top coat need and dark colors for better aesthetics with black top coats, while continuously raising the standard for corrosion resistance. 


The KH product family consists of water based chemistry, and is comprised of the KH 200 & KH 250 coating systems. These are low VOC materials with air-drying properties making them suitable for large parts. 


This solvent-based top coat is customized for use with a DELTA®-TONE 9000 base coat, but can be combined with DELTA®-PROTEKT base coats or galvanic substrates. Available in multiple different colors, this sealer's CoF can optionally be set from 0.09-0.14μ.


This solvent-based top coat family comes in silver, black or white colors - and was specially developed for UV and chemical resistance. 


This water-based top coat technology contains sealers and lubrucant additive coatings. Products include transparent, silicate coatings that are applied at 1-2μ, black top coats, and scratch resistant technologies.